Description of warehouse and warehouse management

Afqi program for managing warehouses and warehouses is suitable for all companies that have warehouse accounts and multiple items as it contains all the definitions and data for stores, items and groups of items, and the Afqi program for warehouse and warehouse management enables you to fully manage the movement of items between warehouses and different stores, and it also makes it easier for you to inventory operations Inventory, stock assessment and knowledge of item movements, in addition to containing a very large set of reports that cover all points related to stores and items, giving you the ability to make the right decision at the right time, which increases your profits. Afaky program for the management of stores and warehouses, a program that you can rely on.

  • Program Advantages
  • Define an infinite number of stores, items and item groups.
  • Defining characteristics of the item used upon receipt and exchange, such as serial, chassis number, model, batch number, color, sorting, and validity date.
  • Supporting the barcode and the possibility of printing it and the possibility of receiving and recalling the item through it.
  • The possibility of making more than one unit of measurement for one item and linking them together.
  • Definition of aggregated items consisting of a group of other items with the determination of the quantity of components for each component.
  • The ability to turn on or off the overdraft (negative output).
  • The possibility of making a warehouse class, a service class, a complex class, and a factory class.
  • The possibility of making a minimum amount of items that you want not to have in the store.
  • The possibility of changing the type of cost for each item (average cost - first in, first out - last in first out - last purchase invoice - according to the sequence - according to the structure number)
  • The ability to create groups for items and view reports based on these groups.
  • Afaky program for warehouse and warehouse management is directly linked with Afqi program for general accounts, purchases, suppliers, sales and customers.
  • The program supports continuous inventory and periodic inventory
  • The possibility of making a ledger account for each store to clarify the operations that affected the store’s items.
  • There are five sub-accounts linked to the warehouse in the chart of accounts: (stock account - road goods account - stock adjustment account - inventory depreciation account - cost of sales account).
  • You can define five pricing policies for each item, and you can specify three types of discount for each item as well.
  • The possibility of determining the tax rate for each item during its definition.
  •  Ease of making transfers from one store to another.
  • Afaky program allows warehouse and warehouse management to take inventory at any time of the year and automatically calculates inventory deficit and surplus by making inventory adjustments.

Description of the program

1List of warehouse items

ادخال بيانات الصنفEnter the item data

4Enter the item data

3More item data

5Opening a purchase invoice

6Enter the purchase invoice data

اذن الاستلام الناتج عن فاتورة الشراءPermission to receive the result of the purchase invoice

قيد اليومية الناتج عن فاتورة المشتريات
The journal entry resulting from the purchase invoice

7Enter the sales invoice data

اذن الصرف الناتج عن فاتورة المبيعاتPermission of exchange resulting from the sales invoice

قيد اليومية الناتج عن فاتورة المبيعاتJournal entry resulting from sales invoice

تقرير ربحية الاصنافItems profitability report

كارت الصنف
category card


فاتورة مبيعات آجلforward sales invoice

قيد اليومية الناتج عن فاتورة بيع آجل
The journal entry resulting from a deferred sale invoice
Making a cash receipt voucher from a client - making a payment

2Entering cash receipt voucher data from a client

قيد اليومية الناتج عن سداد دفعة من عميل
Journal entry resulting from the payment of a payment from a client

كشف حساب عميل بالتفاصيلCustomer account statement with details

  • Item review report
  • Items sold report
  • Report items sold at no cost
  • Stagnant Items Report
  • Report items about to expire
  • Items that exceed the maximum
  • Items that exceeded the order limit
  • Items that exceed the minimum
  • Most profitable items
  • Most selling items
  • Items sold below cost
  • Items Sold - Summary
  • Items sold - no cost - summary
  • class card
  • Category Card - Summary
  • Class card - no cost
  • Class card - no cost - summary
  • stock valuation
    Item balances according to item companies
  • Item balances according to item groups
  • Item balances according to item companies - summary
  • Item balances according to item groups - summary
  • Items balances with selling price
  • Check items with minimum selling price
  • Items balances according to the sequence
  • Balances of items according to the chassis number
  • collection of items
  • dismantling of items
  • Permission to receive merchandise
  • Permission to exchange goods
  • Goods exchange permit - cost centers
  • Goods exchange permission - cost centers - summary
  • Goods transfer
  • culling merchandise
  • Stocktaking
  • Quantity Reservation
  • De-reserve quantities
  • You can access these reports from the list of reports, and then choose the item reports, from which you choose the report you want.

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