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Afaky provides programming services for websites and web applications in professional ways
It will take you to another level of excellence and success in your field. Just transfer your idea from
The virtual world into reality, we are fully prepared to do your request and provide
Suggestions for developing your idea

encrypted codes you are safe

Enjoy maximum security with us. We use the toughest coding methods. Even if someone had access to the programming code, he would not be able to extract any data from it

Programming features from Afaky

Programming websites is one of the words that we find everywhere around you in the cyberspace. Many young people consider themselves a professional website programming, but in fact, there are some of them who have husks of knowledge. And when you decide to create a professional website, you should look for someone you trust. And not anyone who advertises web programming services. In a short period of time, our company reached a distinguished position among the companies that provide web programming service; Because of the spirit of innovation that everyone in our team enjoys. Every time we add a new member to our company's work team, we take a number of steps to carefully select the new member. Starting from his studies in the field of web programming and the certificates he obtained, as well as the achievements in programming. And we are not satisfied with that, but we follow it with tests for the new member; To make sure of his ability to innovate and mastery at work. Every time a client uses our company in the work of programming sites, we guarantee him professional programming that makes his site compatible with all search engines, and at the same time makes the site work quickly, and also comfortable for the visitor.

Service guarantee

We guarantee that you will receive your agreed work and you are completely satisfied with it 100% and we do not accept anything less than that.

possibility of development

We offer our customers our services in web programming in a professional manner and clean original codes that allow the customer to develop his website at any time he wants

Integrated technical support

Our company is characterized by the technical support services that we provide around the clock, so that the customer services continue to work to the fullest without stopping.

24 hour contact

A full team is at your service, we support you and support your requests around the clock and we are happy to cooperate with you and serve you.


The output of the work is completely identical to your idea and as it was in your mind and imagination. Application of standards in programming sites.

Multi-vendor online store design Afaky Company

Designing electronic stores is an important step for selling your products or marketing the products of others via the Internet, as it helps you increase your profits and spread on the widest scale.

Store design is the first step to start the process of selling your products online. Afaky is one of the best e-store design companies in Egypt in terms of previous work and experience in this field since 2008.

Through this offer, we offer you an e-store design package with complete professionalism and innovative solutions to manage your e-store, manage incoming requests easily, deal with the control panel, add your products and highlight them in a beautiful and harmonious way that suits the Arab taste


And because of our belief in the importance of e-marketing, we are also creating Online Store to search engines, which enhances its visibility at the forefront of search results and to be a friend of Google and other search engines, and this step increases the marketing power of your online store

We give you the cheapest offers E-commerce design in Egypt بجودة عاليه جدا تمكنك من متابعه عمليات الشراء والربط مع بوابات الدفع المختلفة مع الحفاظ على سرية بيانات العملاء بطرق أمنة %100 بأمان تام وامكانيات تجعلك قادر على اضافة الاف المنتجات على Your online store While maintaining the speed of browsing and working on all browsers and managing the accesses easily.

Advantages of designing an online store

Distinctive design and compatible with all tablets and mobiles
Add ads in multiple places to increase profitability on the site
Live chat system
Distinctive ways to display inside the store
Advanced search for easy access to products within the online store
Product comparison system

And many additional features

Buyer's membership system and unique capabilities to add favorites and follow up on purchases
product evaluation system
product return system
The main and featured pages of any website (About Us - Contact Us - Sections - Privacy Policy)
 Blog System
System of special offers and discounts
Connect the online store to social media sites
Divide the store into main and sub sections
Create specific filters to facilitate site search
Multiple payment methods such as credit cards, PayPal and cash on delivery
Put more than one picture of the product for clarification
Putting the product in more than one section
Very easy control panel with hands-on training