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 Project Idea

A very profitable investment project, with figures and evidence.

The project is the establishment of an information technology company, based on an integrated accounting system ERP SYSTEM, and the presence of an accounting system is a basic pillar for the establishment of an information technology company. Since we are Afaky company, the system will provide you with a certified system that more than 1000 customers work on. A very stable system that has been in the market for more than 10 years. And not only this, and to provide all the experiences that help you in launching and stabilizing your company.

The project services include providing the following services (analysis of programming requests, analysis of existing software, designing user interfaces, designing identities and logos, choosing names for projects, programming and developing web applications and websites, programming and developing mobile applications, user testing of applications, quality tests of applications, project management Technology, providing technical advice, web hosting, providing technical support, writing marketing plans, providing marketing analysis and statistics, designing advertising banners, writing marketing content, writing landing pages, setting up sites for search engines SEO, as the project targets small and medium companies, restaurants and hotels The demand for project services is also characterized by increase and continuity due to the high demand for project services from small and medium-sized companies, so the project is considered one of the great investment opportunities that achieve high economic returns.

Products / Services

Some of the services provided by technology companies

  • Programming websites and web applications
  • Design and programming of electronic stores
  • Designing websites and web applications
  • Web Hosting
  • Linking websites and web applications together to integrate
  • Optimizing websites for search engines SEO
  • Cross-platforms, Hybrid, Native . Mobile Application Programming

Financial indicators

 Financial indicators confirm the success of the project through the rate of return and the payback period in light of the digital transformation that all countries and all government sectors seek and sectors own  :

The project is one of the very successful projects that many investors seek to know the future of technology and the use of software systems in all fields. But they do not know where to start, how to launch the project and the time period that it will wait to build an integrated system that works efficiently, which is a period of no less than 3 years. Prone to a lot of failure.” 

But with us, the situation is completely different. You will have a complete source code that has been working efficiently for 10 years.

All you have to do is prepare your company and move towards a promising future

It is clear from the financial indicators that the project will achieve an appropriate rate of return and an appropriate payback period according to the invested capital of the project


Features of the services provided by the information technology company:

  • Professional website design
  • Software and application design
  • Email Marketing and Advertising
  • Managing social media pages
  • The presence of distinguished competencies with experience
  • Flexibility in dealing and managing websites
  • Contracting and receiving the site online
  • Team work and communication with customers

What will we offer you?

What we will offer you to launch towards a profitable future.

  • Study the idea of the project, its components, and its nature.
  • Study the services provided, their specifications, components, and features.
  • Studying the project's economic indicators, project location and demographic indicators in the target market.
  • Study the size of the target market.
  • Marketing and promotional plan, pricing and distribution plan for the project.
  • Study the project costs of operating requirements, general expenses, marketing and entertainment expenses, and direct and indirect salaries.
  • Studying project revenues and revenue forecasts for the coming years.
  • Providing an experienced programmer, either from us or from the investor, and delivering the full source code.
  • Providing support and providing all the experiences that help you in the success of the project.

sales representatives

We provide integrated training for sales representatives and provide them with all information about the program

Software and Services

We provide the source code for the program with full support for different licensing systems

information about us

We are a Afaky company for information technology working in the field of information technology.. more
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Technical Support

One of the most important distinguishing points of the field of programming and Internet solutions is the accuracy and speed of providing technical support .. Therefore, we provide integrated and fast technical support


Software experience is what distinguishes the ability of any activity in the field of programming, so we provide programmers with great experience and talent in providing software solutions

Programming Team

Afaky always provides unconventional solutions and this is the result of the expertise of the team that does not stop researching, developing, training, testing and evaluating every element of any software solution, accounting or administrative