Afaky pharmacy management program

Afaky pharmacy management program is a program designed in a very easy way, which guarantees you speed, accuracy in performance and complete ease of use, and this is in order to take into account the nature of the pharmacist's work 

Program Advantages

  • Connecting more devices to each other, whether in an internal network or via the Internet, which helps you to follow up on your pharmacy From anywhere in the world
  • The possibility of defining the powers of sale for everyone who works on the program, in addition to having the feature of tracking users to know who made this movement and when, which gives you complete control over the data .

  • Dividing the items into main and sub groups for easy entry and selection of the sold item .

  • Adding pictures of items and the possibility of selling through these pictures or through the tree form or in the normal form
  • Possibility to work on the program in proportion to the nature of each pharmacy: disbursement policy with the invoice - disbursement policy after the bill
  • Afaky pharmacy management program is directly linked with Afaky program for general accounts, stores, purchases, suppliers, sales and customers.
  • The possibility of entering and recalling the item through the international barcode or the pharmacy barcode, and this is done through the barcode capture device or manually.
  • The possibility of making more than one unit of the item (such as (tape - box - disc) and linking them together.
  • The possibility of printing an invoice (POS) for the customer (on the thermal cashier printer) with all the details with the possibility of setting conditions or notes in it.
  • The possibility of determining the type of invoice in cash or deferred and dividing it into payments so that the due date of the sales and purchases invoice is recorded, and thus we can obtain a report showing the payments due during a specified period and the age of debts.
  • The possibility of making a discount on the invoice for each item separately and the possibility of making a discount on the invoice as a whole.
  • Possibility to start or stop selling at less than cost.
  • The possibility of setting a minimum selling price.
  • The possibility of making five pricing policies for one item.
  •  Support for returns from within the sales invoice.
  • The ability to turn on or off the overdraft (negative output).
  • The possibility of inventorying the shifts for workers on the program on a daily basis (daily closing).
  • Full control over stock and knowledge of stock quantity and item movements.
  • The possibility of displaying a daily report of shortcomings in the pharmacy

  • The ability to display a report with the best-selling and most profitable items, which helps the pharmacist to take the appropriate decision to increase the pharmacy's profits .

  • Afaky pharmacy management program contains a large number of comprehensive and detailed reports, whether for stores, item movements and balances, sales, purchases, customers and suppliers.

The possibility of the program to work on all touch screens, with the speed and accuracy required to make the most of it.

Of course you can download Free pharmacy management accounting software Through the download page to help you manage pharmacies, it is the most popular pharmacy management program in Egypt and Saudi Arabia