Afaky program for managing petrol stations

Gas stations program The program helps you in managing and accounting petrol stations with ease and ease, which facilitates the accounting process thanks to the details designed specifically according to the needs of managing gas stations. or the supermarket

Description of the program

  1. From the shopping list
  2. Click on the purchase invoice
  3. Click on add


  1. Supplier selection
  2. Item selection
  3. quantification
  4. Determine the purchase price
  5. Select payment method
  6. save


  1. From the list of petrol stations
  2. Click on coupons
  3. Click on add


  1. Date
  2. Customer's choice
  3. Determine the type of fuel
  4. Select the type of coupon
  5. Determine the number of the first coupon
  6. Select another coupon number
  7. Write the number of liters per coupon
  8. Determine the amount paid
  9. Click Save


  1. From the list of petrol stations
  2. We select the meter reading
  3. Then we click on Add


  1. treasury selection
  2. Rosary selection
  3. Writing a new reading
  4. Write the calibration value
  5. Write down the amount paid for each counter
  6. The value of the employee's deficit or increase appears
  7. Shows the total shift status of the required amounts, the amounts paid, and the deficit
  8. Click to add coupons
  9. Coupons selection
  10. save



  1. From the list of financial transactions
  2. We choose cash
  3. Choose a voucher
  4. Click on add


  1. Choosing a supplier
  2. Supplier selection
  3. Write down the amount paid
  4. save


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